Our goal is to design, engineer and replace competitive products with the most innovative science, research & chemistry available today.  We offer creative solutions to achieve quantifiable continuous improvement in quality, process & tooling cost that create a competitive edge in a competitive marketplace.



Creative Chemistry, a multinational manufacturer, distributor, supplier and partner to many of the world’s largest OEM Automotive/Diesel Engine, Aerospace, Medical, Marine, Military, Nuclear and component manufacturers. Our well-known brands C-Cool, AeroSeries, AeroKleen, TruKote, TruKleen, and Platinum Series products offer customers a full line of synthetic and oil-based metalworking solutions to meet exacting specifications with emphasis on environmental stewardship.


You can't mill it, draw and stamp it, machine it, turn it, grind it, clean it, rust protect it, or get it to market effectively without embracing creative chemistry to help overcome the evolving challenges of modern metalworking.


Creative chemistry not only delivers solutions at the point of impact between tool and material, it delivers cost savings straight to your bottom line.


Science and service are the basis of every modern metalworking partnership. Learn more about ours.




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